Structure of the Event

July 16, 2020. Lorch Potato Research Center

• Potato field day (free entrance)

Potato field day (free entrance)

Date: July 16, 2020
Venue: Moscow region, Kraskovo village, Lorch Potato Research Center

Open areas:

  • Demonstration site of comparative tests of potato varieties of domestic and foreign selection that are in demand on the market;
  • Testing area of new promising potato varieties of Russian selection;
  • Test site for ground control of varietal samples of original seed potatoes;
  • Demonstration site for the use of integrated systems for protecting potatoes from diseases, pests and weeds;
  • Landfill for showing the main technological processes of potato cultivation (tillage, cutting ridges, planting, care and protection systems, pre-harvest removal of tops, combine harvesting) with the use of modern agricultural equipment complexes.

Mobile representative offices of participating companies:

  • Samples of machinery and equipment for potato production;
  • Samples and technologies of potato protection products;
  • Agrochemicals and technologies;
  • Samples of laboratory and test equipment;
  • Other modern samples and technologies for crop production (precise fertilization, unmanned aerial vehicles, information and analytical systems, crop monitoring and accounting, etc.).

September 28-29, 2020. Expocentre Fairgrounds

• Business program

International scientific and practical Congress dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the “Lorch Potato Research Center": “POTATO: Promotion of the interests of the industry in the conditions of economic uncertainty" (for a fee):

Dates: September 28-29, 2020
Venue: Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilion 7

Event formats:

Plenary session of the Congress

Topic session:

  • Conservation and development of potato genetic resources.
  • Development of molecular genetic technologies.
  • Creation of new potato genotypes of different target use.
  • Physiology and biochemistry of potatoes.
  • Application of modern biotechnological methods in potato breeding and seed production.
  • Innovative technologies in original potato seed production.
  • Adaptively integrated plant protection system.
  • Processing and storage of potatoes.
  • Agricultural technologies and information management systems in potato growing.
  • Organizational and economic development of potato production: selection, seed production, storage and processing.

Satellite symposiums of companies (presentation, round table)

Thematic conference

Thematic round tables

Job fair

Market of business contacts

Strategic Session “Potato PROmotion” TM (for a fee)

Dates: September 28-29, 2020
Venue: Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilion 7

Exhibition and presentations of science and technology for the potato industry (free entrance):

Dates: September 29, 2020
Venue: VDNH, Pavilion 75, B

Event formats:

Russia regions-leaders in the production and potato processing

Potato and seed manufacturers

Advanced technologies in potato breeding and seed production

Machines, equipment and technologies of potato cultivation

Fertilizers and means of protection

Harvesting, storage and logistics in potato production

Monitoring, accounting, control and safety in the potato industry

Popular food manufacturers

HoReCa: canteens, cafes, restaurants

Information and consulting technologies, promotion and marketing in the potato industry

Stylish workwear

• Educational program

Master classes (free entrance):

Dates: September 28-29, 2020
Venue: Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilion 7

Subjects of master classes:

Potatoes in high cuisine and everyday food

Original potato dishes

Potatoes in cuisines of the world

Open lecture (free entrance):

Dates: September 28-29, 2020
Venue: Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilion 7

Subjects of open lectures:

Tips for planting potatoes in the backyard

Tips on cultivation and preservation of potato harvest for countryside residents

Potatoes for tasty and healthy food

Secrets potatoes cooking

Social events (free enterance):

Dates: September 28-29, 2020
Venue: Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilion 7

Subjects of events:

Photo exhibition “Man of work" and “Man of science" with the support of the trade Union of agricultural complex workers of the Russian Federation, the all-Russian professional Union of workers of the Russian Academy of Sciences; the Russian Union of rural youth

Contest for the best scientific and practical work among students of higher educational institutions of Russia and the World on potato growing with the support of the SKOLKOVO Foundation and the Association of Educational Institutions of Agriculture and Fisheries

Contest of professional publications in the media on potato-growing topics with the support of the press service of the Ministry of agriculture-Russia

The exhibition and show of workwear for agro-industrial complex with the support of SOYUZSPETSODEZHDA

Media project “Potato Journey to Russia" with the support of The Russian Geographical Society