Abstracts Submission

Start of Abstract submission: 15.11.2019
End of Abstract submission: 01.02.2020
Attention! Abstracts submission is extended till 01.06.2020


Abstracts should include the following data: title, purpose of the work, results and their contribution to the development of the industry. The title should include the full contact information of each author.

You can register online at cabinet.potato-industry.ru


• Abstracts can be submitted only through the personal account. Abstracts submitted by email will not be accepted.
• The author, whose contacts will be indicated in the work, is responsible for informing other authors about the status of the submitted thesis.
• If you need to change the submitted thesis, please write to info@potato-industry.ru.
• Abstracts will be included in the program only if the author pays the registration fee.
• Abstracts should be prepared in accordance with the requirements for execution. In case of non-compliance, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse in accepting abstracts without explanation.


• All materials must be submitted in DOC/DOCX format
• Submission and publication of the thesis and article are carried out only in English
• The thesis should contain no more than 300-350 words
• Font: Times New Roman, size: 12
• Line spacing: 1.0
• Margins: 2cm left, 2cm right, top and bottom: 2cm, max. number of pages: 1
• All abbreviations must be disclosed and explained at the first mention
You must specify:

— Title of the thesis (bold, capital letters, center alignment.
— Name of the authors (bold, centered).
— Name of the organization / Institute, address and index (italics, center alignment).
— Abstracts should include the following data: name, purpose, works, results and their contribution to the development of the industry.
— The author’s email, which will receive notifications about the status of the thesis.

Keywords: authors need to add keywords to the work to indicate the content of the thesis.


• Make sure your work meets all the requirements
• Log in to your personal account. If you are not already registered, please register at cabinet.potato-industry.ru
• In your personal account, click on the button “Abstract submission”
• To download thesis, please use the Internet browser version 2010 or later
• Choose the Type of report
• Enter the title of the thesis
• Enter authors’ names
• Downloaded file
• Click on “Finish”


Organizing Committee will not edit Abstracts. The accuracy of the information contained in them will not be checked before publication. The accuracy and correctness of the information contained in the abstracts is the responsibility of the authors.

It is planned to submit articles for SCOPUS indexing

If you have any questions or difficulties with submitting abstracts through your personal account, please contact the Technical Secretariat:

E-mail: info@potato-industry.ru
Тел.: +7 (812) 389-30-33